Amy M. Mayers

Communications strategy for
founders and innovators

Are you working for social change? Challenging the status quo? Innovating new approaches to old problems?

Do you need help with...

  • launching a new communications initiative?

  • researching your options?

  • learning more about your audiences?

  • getting clear on your goals so you choose the right strategies and tactics?

  • cleaning up your messaging and adding an emotional punch?

  • figuring out what to do about your outdated, overloaded website?

From the big picture down to the details, I'll help you make your communications as powerful, clear and compelling as your vision.

I'll be your catalyst, collaborator, co-creator and test audience.


Together we'll:

  • look at how all the pieces of your communications pie fit together

  • frame your challenges so you address causes, not just symptoms

  • define your goals, identify your audiences and develop strategy

  • assess your resources

  • eliminate jargon; translate complex subjects into plain English; and tighten, strengthen and bring your writing to life

About Me (& You)

I've spent many years helping nonprofit organizations, advocates and innovators communicate more effectively. I’ve worked in large organizations and small, consulted with nonprofits and entrepreneurs.


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What I Do

It is my pleasure to bring structure, order and process to your projects. I approach each project in the larger context of your mission so you maximize its value and make the most of your resources.​

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How I Work

I worked with consultants in almost all my staff jobs so I know the benefits and pitfalls of having an outsider join a team for a limited time. Those experiences had such an impact on me that they shaped how I approach consulting today.

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Amy brings a diverse variety of skills to the table…