Amy M. Mayers

Communications strategy for
innovators and changemakers

Are you working for social change?


Challenging the status quo?


Innovating new solutions to old problems?

Whether you envision a healthier planet, a more just society or a world in which humans treat all living beings with kindness, I'll help you make your communications as powerful as your vision.

Together we'll:

  • sort out the relationship between communications and fundraising

  • frame your challenges so you work on the causes, not the symptoms

  • define your goals, develop strategy and get organized

  • assess your resources  

  • identify your audiences and what they need and want

  • make your messaging more direct, powerful and resonant

  • tackle your outdated website


I'll serve as a catalyst, collaborator, co-creator and problem solver, working independently or as an adjunct to your staff.

Using design thinking methods (meaning we start with discovery, not solutions), I'll help you go:

  • from overwhelm to order

  • from fighting fires to setting priorities

  • from guesswork to informed decision making

  • from vision to strategy to action!

The results: You choose the best solutions, save money and capture the hearts and minds of your audiences.

About Me (& You)

I've spent many years helping nonprofit organizations, advocates and innovators communicate more effectively. I’ve worked in large organizations and small, consulted with nonprofits and entrepreneurs.


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What I Do

It is my pleasure to bring structure, order and process to your projects. I approach each project in the larger context of your mission so you maximize its value and make the most of your resources.​

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How I Work

I worked with consultants in almost all my staff jobs so I know the benefits and pitfalls of having an outsider join a team for a limited time. Those experiences had such an impact on me that they shaped how I approach consulting today.

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Amy brings a diverse variety of skills to the table…