Amy M. Mayers

Communications Strategy
You have a vision. Let's make it real!

You work for social change because you have a vision for a better world.


How well do you communicate that vision?


Yes, the world is noisy and chaotic. But if you know your audiences and clearly communicate what makes your organization unique, they will join, donate and act.

Because in the end, people are looking for an emotional connection.

They respond to direct language that resonates with their beliefs and experiences. And consistent, compelling messaging that speaks to who they are and who they want to be.

That's where I come in. Think of me as a catalyst, collaborator and co-creator.


Together we’ll get to the essence of your vision, whether it's for a healthier planet, a more just society or a world in which humans treat all living beings with kindness. Then I’ll help you amplify, communicate and integrate it into everything you do.

Using design thinking strategies, I’ll help you clarify your goals and audiences, map out your environment, prioritize your needs, assess your resources and identify options.

Step by step, I'll help you go:

  • from overwhelm to order

  • from fighting fires to setting priorities

  • from guesswork to informed decision making

  • from vision to strategy to action!

The results: You choose the best solutions, save money and capture the hearts and minds of your audiences.

About Me (& You)

I've spent many years helping nonprofit organizations, advocates and innovators communicate more effectively. I’ve worked in large organizations and small, consulted with nonprofits and entrepreneurs.


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What I Do

It is my pleasure to bring structure, order and process to your projects. I approach each project in the larger context of your mission so you maximize its value and make the most of your resources.​

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How I Work

I worked with consultants in almost all my staff jobs so I know the benefits and pitfalls of having an outsider join a team for a limited time. Those experiences had such an impact on me that they shaped how I approach consulting today.

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