Amy M. Mayers

Creative Strategy
for Good Causes, Companies and People

I help you make better decisions about what to do, when to do it and how to do it so you choose the best solutions, make the most of your resources and have the most impact.


Do you have a need that’s going unmet or a project undone because you lack the time, staff or in-house skills to define it clearly?


Are you using the same solution you’ve always used or a solution that doesn’t really fit but you don’t know what else to do?  


If you’re a new or young organization, do you have a long to-do list and don’t know where to start?


 Do you have an idea for a new initiative  but you’re not sure what else is out there, the best way to go about it or what resources are available to you?


I can help you

  • define your challenge or problem

  • assess your resources

  • set goals

  • research options

  • structure projects

  • connect with the people, information and resources you need to be successful



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