What I Do

It is my pleasure to bring structure, order and process to your projects. I approach each project in the larger context of your mission so you maximize its value and make the most of your resources. I’ll think ahead so every decision builds toward the outcomes you want. And I’ll work independently or coordinate with your staff as closely as you need.

Amy has a rare set of skills: a clear understanding of the elements needed to build a communications strategy and a talent for messaging through both text and images.

Here are the general steps I’ll follow in working with you. There may be variations depending on your exact needs, but the underlying process will remain the same.



Let’s talk:

  • What needs doing?

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • Why does it need doing now?

  • How does it fit within your overall mission?


Let’s look at:

  • the universe in which you operate

  • the resources you have

  • the resources you’ll need

  • your intended audiences/clients/customers; what they care about; what they want and need


Let’s question:

  • What do you know (or think you know)?

  • What don’t you know?

  • What are you assuming?

  • What’s clear? What’s not?


By looking at the issues at hand with fresh eyes and challenging our assumptions at the start, we’ll confirm we’re putting our energy in the right place or we’ll reframe your challenge. Either way, we’ll know that we’re on the right path.


Research & Discover


This is when I cast a wide net to find the people, information and resources you need to make your project a success.


Depending on the nature of your project, I’ll interview or survey


  • users

  • current or potential members, supporters, clients or customers

  • staff

  • board members

  • your leadership

  • thought leaders in your field

  • organizations working in the same space

  • competitors

  • media that cover your issue



What do you need to know to make your project a success? I’ll find out.



It never hurts to review your resources. We may well uncover resources you forgot about, didn’t know you had or that can be repurposed.




As a writer, I’ll find meaningful patterns, telling details and emotionally compelling stories that bring insights to life. I’ll elucidate subtext. I’ll synthesize what I learn and organize it so it’s easy to understand and act on. And, often as not, I’ll surprise you with what I’ve found.


Strategize & Plan


Together we’ll review all the pieces and decide what’s next. I can suggest a structure for your project, working backward from your goals or finished product to identify each task required, so every step builds on the one before it.


Hand Off, or Give a Hand


If you and your staff have everything you need to get started on your project, this is when I hand it off to you.


If, however, you need ongoing support, I’m happy to stay on in a consulting role. I’ll help your staff stay on track and navigate any curves in the road.