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A longtime client needed a new webpage and news release to announce an important development. She asked me to write the release and told her non-writer staff to find design options and develop the webpage. No one set a deadline. After two weeks, the frustrated client and her overwhelmed staff were at a stalemate.


  • Took charge of the process: I developed a format for and wrote the webpage in addition to the news release, and set a deadline (four days later) for completion.

  • Eliminated as many variables as possible and suggested we duplicate the format of a similar existing page, making life easier for the designer.

  • Drafted webpage and release, most of which came from existing content, then worked with client to polish.


  • Webpage and news release were ready to go a day early.

  • Made the most of existing resources.

  • Transformed a stalemate into an efficient, stress-free process.


Help a consulting firm grow in a new direction by speaking with coaches, executives of firms with a strong employee development culture and leaders who have developed coaching cultures in large public and private sector organizations.


  • Translated client’s big picture ideas into usable interview questions.

  • Researched interviewees to prepare for interviews.

  • Conducted (with client) nine one-hour interviews via Zoom.

  • Helped client fine-tune questions as interviews progressed.

  • Reviewed interview recordings and notes.


  • Wrote report on top findings and detailed insights, with concrete suggestions on how client should structure its offerings, market its services and become known as a go-to firm.


Determine whether an association representing children’s hospitals should hold a first-time media conference showcasing its members’ research and, if so, what it should encompass.


  • Surveyed 14 association members on recent research developments; 11 medical and science organizations on their media outreach; and 25 heath care reporters, editors and producers on their interests and needs.

  • Recommended possible conference format and timing.

  • Revamped media list, made new media contacts and suggested story ideas.


  • Augmented staff resources to complete project they didn’t have time for.

  • Uncovered opportunities for national media coverage

  • Used conversations with members to reinforce their sense of affiliation with the association.


Help researchers gather meaningful data for study on the effects of early parental loss on adult mental health.


  • Participated in a National Institute of Mental Health study on the effects of early parental loss on adult mental health. I felt the study questionnaire was cursory and wouldn’t yield useful information so I sent researchers four pages of questions I thought would probe the experience of early parental loss in greater depth.

  • Enabled researchers to gain an understanding of the experiences of study participants from the inside out.

  • Motivated researchers to send out a follow-up questionnaire with 10 questions, seven of which were ones I had suggested.


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