About Me (& You)

I've spent many years working with good organizations and causes.

I've worked in large organizations and small, consulted with nonprofits and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

My work ran the gamut – managing projects and campaigns, writing, editing, developing website strategy and content, producing video and radio, doing media relations.

Whatever I was doing, the beginning of each project was always most exciting to me and filled me with questions:


  • Why are we doing this?

  • Why now?

  • Have we defined the problem accurately?

  • What do we know? What don't we know?

  • Who’s our audience/client/customer?

  • How does this project fit into your big picture?

Amy is a person with strong values who cares about the issues on which she works.

Eventually I discovered there was an entire approach based on question asking: human-centered design. This led me to complete a specialization in design thinking and innovation through the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

Today I bring a human-centered approach to planning and doing communications. It enables me to help clients work smarter, make better use of their resources and get better results.

If you’re thinking about working with me, here’s an idea of the people I work best with:


  • You’re driven by your vision of the world you want to live in.

  • You want a collaborator who will strengthen your voice, not impose her voice on you.

  • You're seeking fresh perspectives and approaches.

  • You're comfortable with working iteratively.

  • You know that asking the right questions is as important as the answers themselves.